Top tips for office break out spaces

Office Break out Space: 7 Top Design Tips & Considerations

Check out our latest top tips guide… Office Break Out spaces. The post includes 7 top design tips and considerations.

If you wondered why you need a breakout area in your office, take a look at this article on the BBC website:

Desktop dining rules:
No boiled eggs or tinned fish.

It highlights a recent survey by Glassdoor found that 1/4 of of us eat lunch at our desks and it is something that can cause considerable angst to our colleagues – especially for ‘smelly’ food!

Wha’s more, the research suggests that taking breaks makes us more effective at our jobs. Health journalist Christopher Wanjek found in his book about workplace eating habits that workers who skip lunch are ultimately more stressed and less productive, an issue that could eventually lead to burn out.

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