Office partitions: 11 top tips to achieving a well-designed office space

In an ever-changing business world, maximizing your working environment to create extra usable office space plays an important role in creating a workplace that’s friendly, comfortable, inspiring and productive.

When budgets are challenging, office partitioning can provide an obvious solution if you are considering creating a private meeting space or break-out areas in your existing office. These can be achieved by the creative use of a series of stylish partitions.

Advantages of partition systems

1.Less distraction

Finding the right balance between privacy and collaboration will depend on your type of business but generally employees are entitled to the right level of concentration to do their job effectively.

Tip: Customised office partitions can give the privacy and noise cancellation required to ensure employees work efficiently.


Many types of office partitioning are available including single or double glazed, as well as a range of materials including wood, aluminums, plasterboard, composite and glass and in different designs, colours and sizes, improving the office appearance as well as creating segregated areas.

Tip: The look and feel of an office can have a huge effect over staff morale; pleasing surroundings will promote a happy and hard-working workforce.

3.Cost Effectiveness

The flexibility of partitioning means you can create and dismantle whenever you need to re-organise an area, making it much less disruptive than a major structural change, which is a huge undertaking when budgets are tight.

Tip: Office partitioning provides a much more cost-effective way of creating a new room or break-out area.


How Do I know what type of office partitioning I need?

4.Consider your main reasons for choosing partitioning

First thing to do when trying to decide which type of office partitioning is most suitable, is to think about exactly what it is you are trying to achieve with your current workspace.

Do you need to create a new reception area? Maybe you are short of private meeting spaces to discuss any sensitive or confidential issues. Or, do you simply need a break-out area for your staff to relax, eat their lunch or hold informal meetings.

Tip: Whatever the reason for partitioning, make sure you thoroughly research the different kinds of partitioning available.


What are the different types of office partitioning available?

5.Demountable partitioning

This is particularly effective in being easy to dismantle and re-erect if you need some flexibility thus making it the easiest to move around regularly.

Tip: Sliding or folding door partitions are great if you need to close or open up areas for different purposes.

6.Wood partitioning

If you’re looking for a natural look and feel, wood partitioning produces a practical but very pleasing office environment.

Most wood partitioning will come in a variety of finishes and will be available in a choice of widths and heights to suit your office space. Wood partitions are easily linked together with optional 2, 3 and 4 way inline linking and can be straight of curved and can usually be mixed together for a versatile office design.

Tip: Wood partitioning is particularly ideal for conference facilities, executive suites and boardrooms where practicality is a key consideration.

7. Glass Wall Partitions

There are different types of glass panels including a combination of solid, single, double or triple glazed panels. The options for glass panels are wide and varied, with options of steel and timber frame systems, full height or half height options and a range of styles including frosted, tinted, coloured or printed glass.

Glass panels can be tailored to suit your office design so, depending on your budget glass wall partitions can provide a perfect solution.

Tip: These are an excellent choice that offer discreet divisions of office space and ensures the office remains light and bright.

8. Acoustic screen partitioning

An open plan office space makes great use of the available space but does present some challenges including office noise and a lack of privacy.

If your office has expanded its workforce to a level where noise has become an issue, acoustic office partitions all have thick acoustic foam trapped between the panels to absorb office noise.

Tip: If you opt for acoustic office partitioning, make sure that they are produced with the best quality materials that conform to current building legislation.

9. Free Standing Office Pods

One of the challenges of open plan offices is creating areas for people to work collaboratively without disturbing others, particularly without the addition of walls to create separate meeting rooms.

Working pods are ideal for offices looking for a low-cost, flexible and stylish solution to creating meeting spaces and break out areas that create quiet, friendly areas for team members to work together.

Tip: if you’re working with a tight budget, office pods are quick to install with flexible designs that fit into any style of office.

10. How much will it all cost?

If a total office fit-out is an unfeasible option at the moment, then office partitions can provide a far more cost effective method of dividing the office than having full, permanent walls installed.

Likewise office partitioning means that any future expansion of teams and workforce is far easier with temporary screens that can be removed or installed quickly and easily.

Tip: Choosing office partitions means you can save on energy costs, as fewer rooms need to remain heated or lit.

11.How can I make sure office partitioning will look good and work for my office?

Once you’ve decided to go down the office partitioning route, your next step is to consider employing a reputable office interiors specialist who will help you to understand how best to configure your office space to achieve your new meeting space or break out area.

Whoever you choose will be able to listen to what you’re trying to achieve and prepare a series of 2D and 3D visuals to help you see exactly how it will work in your current office.

Once you’ve agreed a design, the fun can then begin; choosing colours, materials, fixtures and fittings, deliberating over lots of samples before you make your final decision.

Tip: to ensure exceptional results, choose an office interiors specialist who can demonstrate their expertise in office partitioning and give you evidence of working with quality suppliers to provide the perfect office partitioning solution.


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