Saying it with office graphics

Words are hugely powerful, whether you are trying to inspire, engage or inform. So it is no surprise to see office graphics being used far more widely to communicate, in a subtle (or not so subtle) way with employees and visitors.

Graphics for walls, partitions, glass walls & windows

Offices, schools, commercial and retail spaces are not short of places to use some inspiring words with glass walls, windows, partitions and walls all providing a great backdrop to your engaging thoughts.

What to say…

Of course, it is not a case of adding graphics, thoughts and words randomly… that may prove detrimental! So how should you use graphics and what should you be saying?

Corporate branding

Many businesses use graphics to create a stronger brand identity for their office. After all offices can often be fairly neutral and bland, so the use of some corporate colours and graphics can really give the building an identity and a common purpose.

As they say, first impressions count, and so strong branding from the reception and continuing throughout the office helps set the tone from outset.

Mission, beliefs, products

In addition to corporate styling, graphics can also be used to portray your mission, beliefs and purpose, or simply to showcase your products and services.

This can be done with the simple use of key words, a word cloud of important words or with longer inspiring paragraphs. With creative styling and appropriate placement each can make a great impression.

Telling a story

Some of our clients have used graphics to tell a story, keeping employees and visitors engaged as they moved through the office. A ‘story’ of the business or department told by wall graphics creates a last impression!

Directions / room names / toilet sign

Of course, graphics can be used for simply indicating room names, directions to departments around the office or toilet door signs. Mind, you that doesn’t mean they can’t have a sense of fun too!

Graphic placement

As mentioned above, glass walls, windows, partitions and walls all provide a great backdrop for graphics but that doesn’t mean they should be everywhere, this would lessen their impact.

You should consider where they would have the most impact. Reception areas are popular because it is seen by everyone – employees and guests – creates an instant first impression. Guests in particular can also be sat in front of them for a period of time and so have more time to view them. Similarly meeting rooms and breakout areas are popular places for graphics as they have high visibility and tend to be where people spend more time stationary.

However, there is no limit to your creativity… we have put graphics in school staff rooms, office bathrooms, lifts and hallways!

How to achieve that look

Depending up on the surface you are wishing to apply the graphics, there are a number of options available including: wall decals, wall vinyls, printed canvas, fabric graphics, signage, framed prints and glass manifestations to name a few.

Creating a more inspiring work environment

Why would you not want to transform your office space with some inspiring graphics?

We are here to help you channel your creativity and make it a reality or to give you some inspiration, simple contact us to find out more.