Fabulous Flooring Ideas for Office Workspaces

Probably one of the most important finishes to create a great impression with both visitors and staff, your commercial or office flooring will influence the entire look and feel of your office fit out.

Any commercial office space demands a certain aesthetic that reflects what goes on inside the building. Choosing the right flooring will not only add to the elegance of the room, but also its functionality and level of comfort.

Whether you are looking to completely redesign your workspace, move into new premises or just change what you already have, we have put together some flooring design tips and ideas to create the perfect flooring space.

Images of flooring at Source One Consulting projects

Breakout areas and quiet office spaces

The space you designate for your employees to recharge, relax, collaborate and conceptualize is crucial to their wellbeing and productivity. 

A simple way to create a divide from the main office is to use flooring within the space using varying colour schemes and materials.

Carpet Tiles

The obvious route would be office carpet tiles, which are extremely hardwearing and come in an extensive choice of colours, textures and patterns.  If your breakout area has tea and coffee making facilities, it is important to remember that whilst traditional carpet can be easily stained, carpet tiles are more flexible as each tile can be replaced without creating any disruption to the working environment. 

However, while carpet tiles may be an obvious route it is essential that they have the ability to maintain their shape and remain flat on the floor surface without doming or buckling and be able to stay looking good. 

When choosing carpet tiles, it is essential they have dimensional stability, sufficient weight and mass, a good strong construction and colourfastness.  These factors will determine the lifespan of the carpet tiles and are very important when choosing the right office flooring.

Open Plan General Office

The area that undoubtedly gets most traffic, the open plan workspace needs to accommodate lone working while allowing for communication between employees.  People collaborate more spontaneously in an open plan workspace, encouraging team spirit, so the flooring needs to be hardwearing, noise insulating and easy to maintain.

Branded Office Carpet

Blocks and patterns are a fabulous way to add colour to your office flooring but incorporating some kind of subtle branding will strengthen your corporate brand.

By using elements of your own logo, you can bring a vivid flash to the vastness of an open plan room.  Carpet manufacturers can weave your bespoke logo design into a continuous roll or, you could choose specific carpet tiles in your brand colours to delineate specific office departments. 

Vinyl Flooring

A popular choice for commercial flooring, especially in an open plan area, as it offers very long-lasting performance, resilience, resistance to damage, and is available in a vast range of colours and designs.  Fast becoming the preferred floor covering because of its durability, hygienic and acoustic properties, vinyl coverings are easy to clean and low maintenance.

Meeting Rooms

Durability is probably less important for office meeting rooms, as they would generally have less foot traffic than other busy areas of your office space.  You can really go to town on design to impress potential employees, clients and partners. 

Luxury Carpet and Vinyl

Wall-to-wall luxury carpet will always create a good impression and depending on the rest of your office design, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring is extremely durable with built-in soundproofing.  It offers 3D printing technology that can replicate the look of some realistic textures such as wood or concrete.

Solid Wood and Laminates

Hardwood flooring is a stylish option, which will give your meeting room that classic, executive feel.  It will most certainly be long lasting, but this doesn’t mean they never wear out.  Refinishing hardwood floors is an inexpensive way to give them a new lease of life.  Hardwood flooring can also provide better air quality.  All the dust and allergens that cling to carpets is eliminated with hardwood floors, so any employee or visitor with allergies are happy and healthy!

A good quality laminate flooring is a less expensive alternative that can emulate the stylish hardwood finish without breaking the bank!  It is also quicker and easy to install and the way laminate flooring is made means it is strong and sturdy. 

Kitchen Areas

It goes without saying that durability should be top-of-mind when selecting your office kitchen flooring.  Together with easy maintenance, anti-slip and easy to clean, we would recommend the following materials that would be idea for your office kitchen.

Quarry Tiles

Perfect for high-impact, high traffic areas, quarry tiles are slip and moisture resistant and able to stand up to general wear-and-tear in your office kitchen area.  Relatively inexpensive to install, it is perfect for office kitchen spaces, providing exceptional lifetime value.  In fact, quarry tiles look good in many other areas; anywhere that has heavy foot traffic such as loading areas and reception areas. 


Probably not your first thought as an option for an office kitchen, but this rejuvenated natural flooring solution has made a comeback.  Comprised of natural raw materials, Linoleum is a green, environmentally friendly choice; recyclable and reusable it is also biodegradable.  Commercial linoleum is incredibly durable and capable of withstanding considerable flow of foot traffic.

Images of flooring at Source One Consulting projects

Six Things you need to consider when choosing office flooring

As with any other element of your office fit-out, office flooring plays an important part in completing your office and your company’s image.  It is much more than just selecting a nice type of flooring, there are some key questions to consider.

What look do you want to achieve?

Think hard about what it is you are trying to achieve, whether the look you want to create is sleek, vivid or just plain traditional, consider how your choice of flooring witll impact on the rest of the room right at the beginning of the planning stage.  Avoid the trap of leaving flooring as an afterthought.

What kind of usage is your flooring going to get?

How many people are going to be pounding through an area?  For example, your reception area will have the most traffic, with employees and visitors passing through on a regular basis.  Your meeting room on the other hand will have fewer people walking about. 

Make sure that areas such as your kitchen has some kind of safety/non-slip flooring; even in office kitchens, accidents can happen!

How durable will the floorcovering need to be?

With so many different areas and usages, it is important that you choose the right materials for the job.  Maintenance is also key – think about all the accidental spills that might end up ruining an expensive luxury carpet – would it be better to choose carpet tiles in more common areas with a bigger traffic flow?   Would Vinyl be more hardwearing and easier to clean in the corridors between floors?

What will it Cost?

Always an important factor when designing your office space!  Making an impression is necessary but do not lose sight of the budget. 

Most of the common types of flooring need significant and a close attention. Spills on carpets for example, need to be removed as soon as possible and some types of tiles might require regular polishing and buffing. Therefore, the cost of labour to maintain flooring acceptably over time could outweigh the installation cost.

Consider the pitfalls of choosing cheaper options and cutting corners though, as whilst you might save in the short term, you will end up having to replace every couple of years.

What does my business do?

Of course, you already know the answer to this one!  Nevertheless, consider exactly how your business might affect the wear and tear on your office floorcovering choices.  Do you host clients?  If the answer is yes, you might want to invest in better quality, high-end flooring to make a good impression.

Is your office part of a factory?  Depending on what you do, you might want to make sure you provide a hardwearing flooring, to avoid all those dirty work boots ruining the carpet!

What about Health & Safety?

The H&S question is a crucial one, especially in vulnerable areas such as kitchens and toilets.  The obvious choice would be something non-slip that combines slip resistance, high durability and something stylish to fit with your office design.

Whatever type of flooring you choose for your office fit out, the ease of its repair when it starts to wear out should be at the centre of focus.  Your chosen flooring plan should be easy to repair or replace without inconveniencing employees, clients and the business as a whole.

The life expectancy of any floorcovering depends on issues that manufacturers cannot predict, so a well-maintained floorcovering may last longer than the rated life expectancy.

Make sure you make the best decisions by collaborating with industry professionals who will take into account the numerous considerations when planning your office fit out.

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