Back care office solutions: sit-stand desks, desk risers, up stools and more

It is widely acknowledged that spending hours sat at an office desk is not good for the spine or body, often leading to back care issues, poor health and absences from work.

Back care office solutions

For office workers sat at PC’s it can be difficult to avoid spending long periods sat at a desk, however there are some products that can help you improve back care and transform the working practices of you and your team.

Sit-stand desks / YoYo Desks

Back care office solutions: sit-stand desks from Source One Consulting

An increasingly popular solution is a sit-stand desk which allows you to work while standing.

Comprising of a split  level worktop, it enables a  PC screen, keyboard and mouse all to be used at a comfortable height, in accordance with best DSE practice and or course ergonomically friendly.

Initial designs of stand-sit desks were integral to desks and therefore more costly. However, as you can see pictured above, there are now a range of solutions that are designed to work with existing desks.  This is not only cheaper but makes it more practical to provide for employees who may move desks or desk share.

Up stool

Up Stools available via Source One Consulting

These rather cool looking stools combine motion and mobility that will stimulate hip and core movement. Adjustable height that is suitable for all shapes and sizes, it weighs just 6kg and so can be easily carried anywhere. Five funky colours too!  They offer the same movement benefits as sitting on a large gym ball but with the added advantage that it is less likely to roll across the office when you stand up!

Desk risers

Desk risers from Source One Consulting

A simple sit-stand desk solution that is both portable and easy to fold. It is also adjustable to 9 different heights, available in 2 sizes, 6 colours and weighs just 3kg!

Wobble board

Back care office solutions: wobble boards: wobble boardsWhen standing working at a desk a wobble board is a way to achieve movement that is essential to boost blood circulation.

A little movement is less tiring than standing still and these also help avoid strain to ankles, knees, hips and back. In addition to training your core muscles it is also reputed to burn calories!

Cushion mats

If the wobble board is not for you a cushioned mat to stand on is recommended as they reduce fatigue and increase productivity and comfort. There are a range of mats in different colours and thicknesses available, contact us to find out more.

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