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Office refurbishment in Oakley, Bedfordshire

EMC Design office refurbishment by Source One Consulting


Case study: EMC Design - unit 3, Oakley, Bedfordshire

EMC DesignEMC Design were expanding into a 3rd unit at their Bedfordshire office and appointed Source One, to design and fit out a modern, stylish office for the new team.

Find out more about the office interiors project and the clients feedback below.

Images of the project (in progress and completed)

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  • 1-Office-prior-to-works
  • 2-Office-&-kitchen-prior-to-works
  • 3-Old-kitchen-Doorway-moved-in-line-with-wall-removal
  • 4-Wall-to-be-knocked-thru
  • 5-Wall-prior-to-removal-to-open-up-unit
  • 6-Wall-removed-to-open-up-unit-Kitchen-on-left
  • 7-Removal-of-wall-by-kitchen
  • 8-Kitchen-area-prior-to-new-units
  • 9-Wall-knocked-thru-overnight-with-hoardings
  • 10-Rubbish-from-knock-thru-and-hoardings
  • 11-Floor-markings-for-new-curve-wall
  • 12-Knock-thru-with-architrave-and-plastered
  • 13-Curve-wall-build,-knock-thru-and-plastering-of-walls-involved-in-removal
  • 14-Curve-wall-build
  • 15-Curve-wall-build
  • 16-Curve-wall-build-with-plasterboard-on-external
  • 17-Curve-wall-boarded
  • 18-Curve-wall-boarded-internal
  • 19-Curve-wall-plastered
  • 20-Knock-thu-decorated
  • 21-Kitchen-units-being-built
  • 22-New-kitchen-area-with-doorway-change
  • 23-Curve-wall-and-walkway-decorated
  • 24-Curved-meeting-room-internal
  • 25-Curved-meeting-room
  • 26-New-curved-meeting-room-and-walkway-thru-units
  • 27-New-curved-meeting-room-and-walkway-thru-units
  • 28-New-reception-area-after-wall-removed-and-unit-opened-up
  • 29-Unit-1-old-doorway
  • 30-Unit-1-new-doorway
  • 31-Unit-1-old-doorway-blocked-up
  • 32-Unit-1-new-meeting-room-door
  • 33-Unit-1-new-glasswall



Source One were appointed at the outset of the project, undertaking everything from the initial office design and space planning through to complete fit out and installation.

Project activities included:

  • Office design and space planning
  • Building works: removing walls for open plan office
  • Creating a bespoke curved wall & walkway to units 1 & 2
  • Install new flooring & repair ceiling
  • Managed power, data and air conditioning
  • Fitting glasswall office partitions
  • Paint and decorate throughout
  • Fit a new kitchen to a revised layout
  • Moved internal doorways to improve access


AN INSIDE VIEW (of the project works)

We have worked with EMC Design before on Unit 1 and 2, and, due to business growth and expansion, this year they wanted to extend into Unit 3.

Having completed the design and planning process, the work began...

We removed a wall that separated the unit so that it was open plan from the entrance door of the unit. This was attached to an existing meeting room which we changed to a kitchen and also moved the doorway so that you entered via a different wall. The kitchen was supplied and fitted by ourselves too.

We knocked through the main wall from Unit 2 to 3 on a nightshift so that we weren’t disrupting the work of eMC as this is a very noisy job with lots of rubbish. None of the rubbish contaminated their working area because we installed hoardings on the Unit 2 side of the wall. We then made good of this, installing architraves which we matched to the existing paint colour RAL code throughout the building.

The curved wall was marked out and created with steels very close together so that it was a strong curve, then we boarded and plastered and fitted new doorway and door, then decorated. When we removed the dividing wall to make it open plan, we made good of the remaining stud walls, plastered and decorated.

We decorated throughout and laid new flooring.We also managed the aircon as this was dealt with their current air conditioning supplier.

We then had some separate works to complete in Unit 1. As you can see in the images, there was a doorway area that obstructed each other, so we moved the position of the door and redecorated the wall, as well as installing glasswall in Unit 1 to create a new boardroom, also installed the furniture.


Source One worked on the refurbishment and fit out of EMC Design's other 2 units and so were delighted to win this new contract as it reflected sowell on the quality of the work delivered previously.

Sophie O'Rourke of EMC Design, said:

"It was good to be working with Lisa and her team again.

The initial stages of the project were exciting to share our ideas with Source One and find out what was achievable with our new space.

They pulled in a number of their team who worked on our site over a period of a couple of months.

We are now very happily settled into our new space and enjoying having more meeting rooms and areas to work and relax in."



EMC DesignEMC Design are experts in design for the publishing industry, shaping it for over 25 years, and believing passionately that great design helps make great content. They constantly invest in bringing together the right mix of skills to offer all levels of support and flexibility based on our clients’ individual needs, as well as ensuring we keep things fresh.


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