Whodunit? An office murder mystery.. surely not!

It started like any other day… measuring up office space before looking to achieve a magical transformation in to stylish, modern and effective work place.

But then, something didn’t go quite according to plan…

Murder, mystery, emotional breakdown???

Well we are hoping that this is all in aid of living up to our reputation of being fun to work with, it made us laugh, and not Lisa having an emotional breakdown! It’s a difficult call, I guess we shall just have to see if she appears for work tomorrow or whether she was in fact taken away by the undertaker.

Maybe we also should have looked for clues but, as you can see, we are so professional that we even cleaned up around the body!

If you saw anyone suspicious in the Norwich area (apart from Ipswich fan Lisa obviously!) , lurking in office hallways carrying a dangerous weapon please report it.