Getting involved with charity Volunteering Matters

Volunteering Matters

As part of his role as an Ambassador for Youth Social Action for the UK wide charity Volunteering Matters, Pat has been getting involved in workshops with young adults at the Ormiston Academy in Ipswich.

What the day involved

Here is a little more about the session to provide an understanding of the excellent work that the Youth Social Action and We Are Patrick projects are doing.

The initial focus of the workshop was to look at issues related to being a young boy and navigating through adolescence. This was a challenging concept for the boys to grasp, especially as all have had challenging experiences and are still struggling to make sense of those.

Not surprisingly, many find those conversations too painful and there have been some very emotional sessions. So the focus changed into a more practical task (see below) and began to informally talk about issues via  several games we developed those topics were;

  • Our Values
  • Our Family
  • Our Strengths and areas  of development
  • Education  and  future
  • Apprentice- activity and branding task

This helped to provide a  safe space for them to share whilst still focus on creating something.

We explored leadership, communication, confidence, pitching our concept by being authentic and real. It was a serious challenge and they can get over excitable but they are an amazing  group with a passion and thirst for knowledge.  

A practical task, look what they achieved!

As mentioned above, the boys took on a practical task, with Pat and other members of Volunteering Matters and look what they produced…

Source One sponsored the T-shirts. Here is what Pat said…

These young lads are phenomenal! This is the reason I’m really proud and excited to be an Ambassador and Volunteer for the project.

This piece of work shows that young people throughout the academic range and backgrounds are capable of having great ideas and with a bit of support and encouragement able to have great futures to look forward to.

Part of the session included a discussion on the world as it is and the current Coronavirus situation. Young people really need to be given a chance to be heard as their comments and input was incredible and concise. 

Pat Lewis, Chairman, Source One Consulting

Want to know more?

As you can see, these projects are making a real difference to young people in our community… impact and success. I am delighted to be able to be an Ambassador and would love to hear from you if you wish to know more or get involved.