Is your PC monitor a pain in the neck?

One of the biggest causes of lower neck and back pain in the workplace is poor posture when sitting at a desk. The NHS (sitting at your desk correctly), as well as most health care professionals, advise on the importance of correct sitting posture at desks, a key component of which is having your monitor positioned correctly.

Monitors sat on a desk are a common cause of poor posture as it is not at the preferred eye line level and therefore encourages leaving over and looking down.

One of the most effective ways to eradicate this is to use monitor arms, which are fitted to the back of a desk. This means that the monitor can be put at the right and adjusted for the individual user. An added benefit is that it also frees up a lot of desk space which further enables good working practice.

Introducing our latest desk top monitor arm

The new Sigma Monitor arm is the latest addition to our range of desk top monitor arms and is quick and easy to assemble.

Sigma is a lightweight product, but will support up to 8kg per single arm. Another key feature of this monitor arm is the tidy cable management, with black mounting clips integrated into the arm to avoid unsightly cables dangling.

Available in white or black, it can be ordered as a single arm or twin arm. Each arm has a reach of 550mm, making it super easy for users to have their screens positioned correctly. Sigma can also tilt and swivel easier to ensure correct viewing preferences are met with ease.

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