Office space planning – free

2D and 3D designs help with space planningOffice interiors experts Source One Consulting offer their office space planning and design service for FREE.

Planning your office layout whether you are trying to fit in more seats or just make better use of the available space is an essential part of the refurbishment process.

Successful projects work hard on these initial designs to ensure that workflow is optimised and the space is effectively used – however big or small the project.

Source One’s space planning experts will use various skills, techniques and IT software (2D/3D/CAD/CGI) to help you get the best solution but we start by listening to what you want to achieve and developing ideas from there.

If you are considering any of the following, we suggest you give us a call to talk to us about how our FREE design and planning service could help you:

  • Commercial and office refurbishment or refit
  • Maximise seating in a call/administration centre or office
  • Reconfiguring office layout
  • Effective retail outlet fit out
  • Upsizing and downsizing to new premises
  • New furniture in office, retail and commercial spaces

We could add more to this list because to put it simply every successful project needs good planning… so talk to us today about your project and our free space planning and design service.