A cut above… Source One team display new talents

Well, even in these strange times, the talents of the Source One team are there for all to see and, who knows, it could the start of a whole new business… Source One Hair and Nails anyone?

Known for their devilishly good looks, the team were a little perturbed by their dishevelled appearance due to the lack of access to hairdressers and manicurists (Pat is known for spending many hours in the chair).

But, no matter, Chloe was the about to step up to the plate, or should that be dining room chair, brandishing the scissors with true bravado and asking “well how difficult can it be really”!

Well, indeed, how difficult?

Pat manfully put his head, almost literally, on the block first. Opting for the relative safety of the clippers, in a few swishes his long locks were just a pile on the floor and, despite the tears and sobbing, he was sporting a positively stylish trimmed look!

Buoyed by this success, Chloe was emboldened to go to the next step… scissors and Lisa!

Was this about to be a step too far, could this be the end of a happy family in quarantine?

After many minutes of merry snipping, and some slight concern about why Chloe was asking whether there was any glue in the house, she was ready to reveal her latest makeover!

And, amazingly, Lisa was happy with the new styling… the rest of the family finally let out their collective breath.

Now, if everyone had been sensible, this would have been where the story ended, but…

As a reward for her sterling work as the new Nicky Clarke, she was offered a manicure by Lisa… what could possibly go wrong?

Well, as it turns out, quite a lot.

While Lisa can turn hand to almost anything office interiors related (sorry Lisa, EVERYTHING office interiors related) it turns out that painting nails is a lot less like painting walls than you would think. Who knew?!

After 2 rows, a potential storming off, and a lot of dark muttering Chloe did indeed have newly painted nails.

How happy she was about her new nails is another story and, it has to be said, Lisa was last heard saying “never again… too stressful”.

Pat has since declined a manicure.

ONS confirms all body parts accounted for…

We are delighted to say that the Office of National Statistics has been able to confirm all fingers, ears and other vulnerable body parts of everyone involved are still attached and accounted for.

And, in more good news, it is anticipated that Source One Hair will be opening in autumn 2021 (manicures will be dependent upon more staff training).