MDF desk divider boards – safety screens

Here are some images of MDF desk dividers that we have installed for a client, providing a fast, temporary and low-cost solution to social distancing in an open plan office.

Flexible size, cheaper solution

The screens, while some may feel are less aesthetically pleasing than a clear perspex screen, they do create an effective barrier helping to put employees mind at rest. Flexible to fit to desks of all sizes, quick to install and cheaper than other solutions it provides a useful alternative to perspex screens.

In this case, the client is planning to move offices in the near future and so this proved to be the best option for them.

We also noticed that quite quickly the team were personalising their workspaces by clipping notes and reminders to the screens… not something that would have worked so well on a perspex screen!

Bespoke and standard screens and other solutions available

We are supplying and fitting screens, partitions, signage and other Coronavirus related products for business across Hertfordshire and East Anglia.

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