Magic screens! Our latest safety screen install

Just like one of the magic images from the 90’s (if you’re old enough to remember them), if you stare at this image long enough you will see the perspex safety screens we have installed for!

Have you seen them yet? 🤣 It does show that new safety screens do not have to form a huge visual barrier between you and your customers. Of course the floor signage helps establish clear social distancing parameters.

Helping businesses getting up and running

For those following our social media and blogs, you will have seen that we have been very busy helping businesses ranging from offices to garden centres implement safe social distancing.

See what we have been up to: Lockdown work

We have a wide range of safety products that can help make the workplace safer, from desk dividers to hand sanitiser station. In addition, we have been using our space planning software and expertise to redesign office and retail layouts to make social distancing more practical.

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