No more boring boardrooms

Four hours in a boardroom of laboriously toiling through endless points on an agenda and staring at a Powerpoint presentation; you’re thirsty, your mind keeps wandering and you can’t focus on the screen properly. You spend the rest of the day feeling agitated and unmotivated . . . does this sound familiar?

We all know that, having face-to-face meetings are still an essential part of running a successful business. However, who wants spend the best part of a day in a boardroom that’s subdued and dreary when it could be buzzing with energy and productivity?

So, if you’re thinking about how you can make this happen, why not consider ditching the stuffy boardroom format and think instead about what kind of behaviour and attitude you want to encourage within your workforce.

Taking the bored out of boardroom

The most important consideration when planning your boardroom fit-out is to make it an engaging environment for your employees.

The name itself spells out ‘somber and endless’ . . . when what you are actually striving for is ‘fizzing with vitality’ so, a good place to start is to change the name!

You have already carefully chosen the name of your company to represent your brand, which conveys your values and your direction and how you want people to perceive you. So, it kind of makes sense to apply the same approach to naming your meeting rooms.

It could be something fun that strengthens the connection between your work and community. It’s common for organizations to choose meeting room names based on themes that reflect local surroundings or maybe in support of their local sporting teams.

Conversely, maybe a name that promotes your corporate mission by utilizing your company product or service.

Whatever name you adopt, make sure it is something that will inspire and motivate your staff. Better still, get them involved in the process of choosing!

No more humdrum interiors

When it comes to approaching the design of your fit out, your boardroom should be a room that makes the people in it feel comfortable and at ease; an engaging environment where decisions are made and ideas created.

Here are some simple ideas to help you make these changes:


Just making this one small change can profoundly influence the mood and energy level in any room.

It is a well-known fact that colour and mood have a direct parallel when it comes to affecting people’s mood. Therefore, choosing the right colours is paramount.

Giving way to clear and creative thinking can be achieved by choosing warm colours such as shades of red, orange and yellow which also inspire energy, creativity and productivity. Be careful though, because these colours can also cause feelings of aggression!

Probably best to stick with cool, soothing colours such as shades of blue, green or purple for the boardroom to create a more focused environment.

Go for the lighter shades that create an uncluttered feel to the room and provoke the perception of more space to help maintain a more positive mood.

Think about the natural environment – shades of blue and green are associated with relaxing surroundings (the beach or a spa) and can be highly effective in high-stress workplaces.

It is quite important to apply a varied colour scheme throughout the office for these very reasons, but even more important in the boardroom. Adding a splash of colour can improve the mood in any room.


Natural light goes a long way to keep us awake and performing at our best throughout the day, so letting in plenty of external and internal light will have a positive impact on wellbeing. So, depending on where your office is located, add glass where possible, either facing outside or an internal view but make sure it’s pleasant to look at – let’s face it, no one wants to be confronted with a brick wall for 2 hours!

Floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of your space is a good way to let in plenty of external and internal light. Complement this with a biophilic design that incorporates elements that mimic nature such as natural wood, plants, and use complementary colours such as green to generate calm and blue for a sense of reassurance.

Talk to your design consultants at the outset to make sure you position the boardroom with natural daylight and pleasant views onto the outside. This will make sure you can provide comfort and promote concentration.


Making sure everyone is comfortable for what can be long periods will make meetings much more enjoyable! If people are not engaged in the boardroom then their concentration will be compromised in no time!

Conventionally, boardrooms focus on formality; corporate surroundings with stiff backed chairs around a grand table – not a conducive environment for creativity and productivity. After all, when was the last time you felt relaxed and open to ideas stuck behind a boardroom table, sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end?

With that goal in mind, there’s no reason why your boardroom can’t represent comfort and cosiness to help people relax and share ideas.

Themed rooms are a popular choice to represent your product or service; a stationery company with meeting rooms to represent print colours perhaps, or an online handcrafted gift company with plush colourful upholstered chairs and bright wall art to create a comfortable environment to share ideas.

There is not always space to have a huge boardroom, but even if you only have a small space available, investing in quality furniture will allow you to maximise the space; whether circular, square or round, solid or with a space in the middle, consider your main business focus when deciding on which type of table suits your space.

Maybe you make many presentations that require incorporating tech equipment, or perhaps you entertain potential clients where you need to double up the space as a dining area.

Whatever your business, investing in good quality, comfortable functional furniture that’s fit for purpose will allow you to showcase your business to both your staff and potential customers.


Sounds obvious and probably something that wouldn’t normally be top priority. However, there’s a fine dividing line between too hot and too cold – getting it just right can be tricky, especially if there aren’t any windows.

If it is too hot, your staff are likely to become tired and demotivated. Too cold, and it will limit concentration and the risk of some loud snoring! All too often employees become easily distracted by their discomfort, so maintaining the right temperature is vital in keeping positivity and productivity high.

If you have windows, making sure there is a decent amount of airflow will help. If not, add a temperature control or if budgets permit, an air-conditioning unit to keep everyone cool – especially during the summer months!

In fact, you have a legal duty to maintain a safe working environment when it comes to temperature – around 16 degrees should do it! (According to the Health and Safety Executive.)

Final Thoughts…

Whilst the boardroom is an important room in any organisation, it also needs to be an inviting space for everyone.

There is no one-size-fits-all boardroom design that works for all organizations.

Whether you go for cozy or chic, fun or elegant, colorful or monochromatic, the important thing is to keep the boardroom’s design in line with your company’s culture, so that board members won’t forget what they are there for.

Make sure those creative ideas start flowing and the best decisions are made!

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