Challenging groundworks require a digger & pecker!

As everyone who has watched Grand Designs will know, building groundworks can always cause some surprises and unexpected challenges!

This was certainly the case in our office refurbishment project in Peterborough but, thankfully, a digger and pecker came to our rescue!!

Conservatory removal and external groundworks

At the start of the refurbishment of the Moore premises we were required to remove a conservatory at the front of the offices and then to undertake external ground works to blend in the newly cleared space.

When the conservatory was removed we were surprised to find that the base had been built on a steel reinforced ring beam rather than a standard conservatory base.

A conventional breaker wasn’t going to be able to tackle reinforced steel so we called in the big guns… a Digger and Hydraulic Breaker, AKA digger and pecker.

As if it was never there…

As you can see from the images, the digger and pecker did the job and, it has to be said, the team rather enjoyed having a new toy for the afternoon!

Once we had cleared and prepared the space, we laid new block paving that will, over time blend in with the existing pavement.

Trust us, the original paving was also yellow! It has weathered to grey and so, over time, the new paving will do the same.

Our client: Moore Stephens Peterborough

As a Top 20 accounting and advisory network, Moore support a broad range of individuals and entrepreneurs, large organisations and complex international businesses.  

Core services include audit, accounting, tax, risk and systems assurance, corporate finance, restructuring and insolvency, wealth management and disputes analysis.