Fun & medals at Felixstowe Rugby Club

We had a fabulous day at Felixstowe Rugby Club which was celebrating the achievements of their younger players over the course of the season.

Congratulations to…

We were going to say congratulations to all but, as you can see in the pictures, Pat also got a medal and we are not so sure that was as well deserved as all the players who put in the hard work over a season 🤣🤣

So a huge congratulations to the players and coaches, as Pat put it…

A lovely day with great people and a club that’s really into developing young adults with respect

Pat Lewis, Chairman, Source One

Source One & Felixstowe Rugby Club

We are proud to be sponsoring Felixstowe Rugby Club over the next couple of years as it is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a team at the heart of the Felixstowe local community. Find out more about our involvement»